2012 PhD, English, The Johns Hopkins University
2009 MA, English, The Johns Hopkins University
2005 BA, English and Art History, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

I specialize in British Literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but I have taught a range of courses, including courses in both pre and post 1800-British and American literature at the high school and college levels. In most of my courses, I have also taught non-canonical and non-Western works of poetry and fiction. My courses examine literature in an interdisciplinary context, often attending to the intersections between literature, history, and art history. Recent courses taught at Hamilton and Johns Hopkins include "Marketing the Novel," "Anglo-American Modernism," "Dandies, Decadents, and New Women," "The Country House and the British Novel," "Literature, Art, and Religion," "Modernist Women Writers," and "Coming of Age Novels." In the classroom, I merge practices of close reading with an examination of texts alongside period material, such as paintings, magazines, newspapers, reviews, maps, advertisements, architecture, and other contemporary artifacts in order to investigate how literature contends with important social questions that remain unresolved today. As a teacher of English, I also strive to show students that learning how to use language, how to analyze texts, and how to situate one’s own arguments and opinions in relation to the ideas of others goes beyond self-expression, and that literary study also fosters communication between people of diverse backgrounds.

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