Fall 2017

MATH 224W Linear Algebra - Section 1: MWF 9-9:50am; Section 2: MWF 11-11:50am. Office Hours: MWF 1:30-3:30pm.

Mathematics and Hamilton's Educational Goals

Hamilton college has 8 educational goals, and they are highlighted in different ways in different math courses that I teach.

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Flexibility - all courses
  • Analytic Discernment - all courses
  • Aesthetic Discernment - MATH 224W,MATH 325W
  • Disciplinary Practice - MATH 224W, MATH 325W
  • Creativity - all courses
  • Communication and Expression - MATH 325W, MATH 361
  • Understanding of Cultural Diversity - reading seminar
  • Ethical, Informed and Engaged Citizenship - MATH 113, MATH 116, MATH 361, reading seminar
In each of my syllabi, I explain more fully which educational goals are most germane to the course (and how so).

Classroom Tech

I use technology to enrich my classes. At Hamilton, we use Blackboard as a course-management platfrom. Additionally, here's a list of tools I find invaluable:

  • GeoGebra - a nice (free!) graphing app for computer, tablet, and phone (android and iOS). Exports to pstricks and tikz formats for including lovely graphics in your LaTeX documents.
  • Desmos - more graphing software. This one is a little easier for live demos in class, and you can share links with your students very easily (they can play with graphs by heading to the website).
  • ShareLaTeX - tex in the cloud for multiple collaborators. Students should expect to use this in every course I teach at the 200-level and beyond.
  • GoodNotes - an iPad app for notetaking. I use this app to write my lecture notes (and to take notes at committee meetings, etc). I also use this to write comments on student papers that are submitted digitally.
  • Doceri - a pencasting app for your Mac and your iPad. It does a lot more, but I can't vouch for the full suite of features.
  • Wunderlist - a cross-platform to-do list with a lot of great features. You can assign due dates, reminders, notes, and subtasks to tasks. And, if your colleagues use Wunderlist, you can share lists.

Classes taught at Hamilton College

Calculus 1

Calculus 2

Linear Algebra

Modern Algebra


Past classes taught at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

College Algebra

Contemporary Mathematics

Mathematics Matters

Discrete Math (masters level)

Number Theory and Cryptography (masters level)