Katherine Brown (Jones-Smith) , Ph.D. 

I am a theoretical physicist who specializes in several different areas. My main interests are within cosmology and fundamental quantum mechanics, but I also work on interdisciplinary projects and teach a class on Physics and Art. I joined the faculty at Hamilton in 2014; being at a liberal arts college allows me to pursue these interests in different and meaningful ways.  The quality of my research has been recognized recently by my induction to the the Foundational Questions Institute earlier this year and an invitation to present at the unique multi-disciplinary 'unconference' SciFoo in 2016. 

The links at left contain more information about my research interests, publications, and courses taught at Hamilton. Please note that publications prior to 2015 are under my maiden name, Jones-Smith. I now publish under my married name, Brown. I regret any confusion this may cause and hope to clarify the matter by explaining it here and linking all my publications under my maiden name on the preprint server arxiv.org.  Preprints of all my publications are available through arxiv.org via the links provided within each section; official journal versions are available upon request or through Hamilton's institutional repository. 

Kate Brown
(315) 859-4585
Physics Department
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY
Office: Taylor Science Center G051