History majors complete their work with an original research project. These are some of my students' recent Honors Theses

John Keirouz, "Immigrant and Refugee: Two Russian Churches in America." Emerson Fellowship, summer 2021.

Joseph Fraser, "To `Drive Nature out with a Pitchfork': Explaining the Inverse Trajectories of the Abolition of Slavery in the United States and the Abolition of Serfdom in the Russian Empire" 2020

Anna Warrell, "Class and Public Space in the Interwar Egyptian Women's Movement, 1919-1939" 2019

Wynston Pennybacker, "Postwar Pronatalism and the Construction of Gender and Sexual Norms in the Soviet Union, 1943-1964" 2019

Shoshana Keller
Professor of Russian and Eurasian History

Courses and other teaching

Introductory courses

Murder, Civil War, and Opera: Boris Godunov

The Silk Road

        Jewish Civilization from the Talmud to the Yishuv

Survey courses

Early Russian history, 861 - 1861

Modern Russian/Soviet history

History of the modern Middle East


Russia's destiny: political thought from Peter to Putin

The USSR as a multi-national state

        History Workshop: making historical maps using Adobe Illustrator