Stephen Wu

Publications and Working Papers


Health and Health Status

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The Effects of Health Events on the Economic Status of Married Couples, Journal of Human Resources, Winter 2003
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Assessing the Relationship Between Health and Household Portfolio Allocation, Financial Planning Review, December 2021

Subjective Well-Being

Objective Confirmation of Subjective Measures of Human Well-being (with Andrew Oswald), Science, January 2010 (Appendix)
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The Happiness-Suicide Paradox (with Mary C. Daly, Andrew J. Oswald, and Daniel Wilson), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, December 2011
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Income Improves Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from South Africa (with Mo Alloush), Economic Development and Cultural Change, January 2023


Higher Education and Academic Labor Markets

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Where do Faculty Receive their PhDs? A Comparison Across Six Disciplines, Academe, July/August 2005
Recent Publishing Trends at the AER, JPE and QJE, Applied Economics Letters, January 2007
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Sharing Common Roots: Student-Graduate Committee Matching and Job Market Outcomes (with Qi Ge), Southern Economic Journal, October 2021
How Do You Say Your Name? Difficult to Pronounce Names and Labor Market Outcomes (with Qi Ge), conditionally accepted at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Household and Behavioral Economics

Fatalistic Tendencies: An Explanation of Why People Don’t Save, Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy, September 2005
Financial Shocks and Worry about the Future (with Ann Owen), Empirical Economics, November 2007
Fatalism and Savings (with Joel Shapiro), Journal of Socio-Economics, October 2011
Priming Past Experiences and Preferences for Redistribution (with Jeffrey Cross and Wei Zhan), forthcoming at Economics Bulletin

Environmental Economics

Identity and Environmentalism: The Influence of Community Characteristics (with Ann Owen and Julio Videras), Review of Social Economy, December 2010
The Influence of Social Relationships on Pro-Environment Behaviors (with Julio Videras, Ann Owen, and Emily Conover), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, January 2012
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Heat Waves, Droughts, and Preferences for Environmental Policy (with Ann Owen, Emily Conover, and Julio Videras), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Summer 2012



The Effects of Cueing and Framing on Attitudes Towards Gun Control and Gun Rights, Social Sciences, February 2018
Criminal Records and the Labor Market for Professional Athletes: The Case of the National Football League (with Kendall Weir '12), Journal of Sports Economics, December 2014
Leadership Matters: Police Chief Race and Fatal Shootings by Police Officers, Social Science Quarterly, January 2021