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Slideshow Options

The slideshow module can be used to add images to your website in three different ways. An example of each method is displayed below.


This slideshow option displays one image, and when the user clicks on the image a slideshow appears on the screen. An example of the medium display is on the right.

You may choose this option if you want to have an image next to a block of text. In order to accomplish this layout, edit the text module settings to 2/3 width and the slideshow module settings to 1/3 width.

Click image to view slideshow


The multiple display option shows all the images in the slideshow as small thumbnails on the page. When any of the images are clicked on, a larger version of the image appears as the slideshow appears on the screen.

Caption 1
Caption 1
Caption 2
Caption 2
Caption 3
Caption 3

Inplace Scrolling

The slideshow appears within the page and will not display as a separate window. There are choices that allow previous/next arrows and image numbers to display as well as an option for randomization. This slideshow allows you to set the duration of image display.

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