Working Papers

Does How We Measure Altruism Matter? Playing Both Roles in Dictator Games, with Catherine Eckel and Philip Grossman

It Pays to Be a Man: Rewards for Leaders in a Coordination Game, with Phillp Grossman, Catherine Eckel, and Mana Komai

Work in Progress

High-Income Donors’ Preferences for Charitable Donations, with Mackenzie Alston, Catherine Eckel, and Jonathan Meer

The Impact of Volunteer Leaders on Charitable Giving, with Catherine Eckel

Discrimination and Identity: Using Dictator Games to Gauge Political Preferences, with Catherine Eckel and Kathryn Haglin

Trendsetters and Cultural Change: Does Network Structure Shape the Dynamics of Norm-Switching, with Cristina Bicchieri, Robert Boyd, Jordi Brandts, Meg Crofoot, Enrique Fatas, Jennifer E. Smith, and Stuart West

Trust, Altruism and Social Norms in the Lab

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