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Professor of Anthropology

My research, publications, and courses focus on language and culture, particularly on the ways in which institutions serve as loci for cultural production.  I have engaged more specific research interests in three projects, one initiated as dissertation research and two that have emerged since then.  I have been visiting various locales in Northern India, primarily Varanasi, since 1996 to consider the ways in which people’s ideas about language – but also social class, gender, place, and national belonging – are organized by school distinctions.  My first academic job brought me to Oxford, Ohio in 2000 where I explored the production and display of verbal and visual images around town in order to set understandings of student fun in historical relief and to contribute to discussions of agency in anthropology. Finally, I am starting a new research project during the summer of 2011 that will take three Hamilton students and me to Literacy Centers in nearby Utica to carry out fieldwork on the ways in which state, capital, and self are implicated in citizenship in a de-indutrialized society.