William R. Kenan Professor of Biology Emeritus

Ernest WilliamsContact Information

Telephone: 315-601-4270
Fax: 315-859-4807


PhD, 1976, Princeton University
MA, 1970, Princeton University
BS, 1968, Trinity College (CT)
(1970-73 USAF)


The population biology and conservation of butterflies, esp. the monarch Danaus plexippus, the checkerspot Euphydryas gillettii, and the frosted elfin Callophrys irus

Courses I Have Taught

Bio 101 - General Biology: Genetics and Evolution
Env St 150 - Society and the Environment
Bio 237 - Ecology
Bio 441 - Seminar in Evolutionary Biology
Env St 220 - Forever Wild: The Cultural and Natural Histories of the Adirondack Park
Bio 550-551 - Biology Senior Thesis


After 41 years of college teaching, I am now officially retired. I will continue with research and writing projects. Some career highlights are these: Teaching - assigned 4760 final grades; taught Ecology 38 times, Introductory Biology 40 times, and Evolution 30 times (other courses, too). Scholarship - produced 4 books; published 66 articles (39 peer reviewed); gave 120 formal presentations. Service - chaired the Biology Dept 3 times, chaired the Environmental Studies Program (founding chair); chaired the college's Committee on Appointments, Committee on Academic Policy, and the Writing Advisory Committee. Held three endowed professorships.

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